When Should I Feed My Pets It doesn't take long to discover that the Internet is filled with conflicting advice about when to feed your pets. Read More Why is my pet always hungry When you fill the dog’s dish, your pet crunches through their food faster than you can blink. Read More Top Enclosures If your preferred pet is small, furry, and likely to eat cheese, you’ll want a safe enclosure for them to use. Read More

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  • Although we get daily updates about hospitalizations, new infections, and deaths in our news cycle, it is essential to remember that COVID-19 isn’t exclusively a human problem. Since the earliest days of the pandemic, we’ve known that several animals

  • Although your cat might like to snuggle in bed at night or terrorize you at 4:00 AM, they still have a predatory instinct that causes them to want to go outside.  The idea of roaming your backyard jungle is traced to their feline ancestors that.

  • Let me tell you about this little fur-worker called Levi. He’s your typical domesticated American shorthair cat who is about nine months old at the time of this writing. When the alarm rings at 5:30 AM, he’s right there at the bedroom door in Sphinx.

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  • Although airlines are starting to ban emotional support animals (ESAs), there is no denying the benefit of this companionship. When you have a pet’s unconditional love with you every day, it makes you a better person.  When you feel lonely

  • If you have a pet that keeps getting into trouble, there is an excellent chance that they are not mentally entertained.  Bored pets can get into as much trouble as children when they feel like nothing is available to do at home.  That’

  • Life is better when pets are around to share your home. In the United States alone, over 60 million households have at least one dog, and another 47 million have cats. When you add in a few birds, lizards, fish, horses, and miscellaneous small mammal

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