Benefits of Adopting Pets from a Local Shelter

Benefits of Adopting Pets from a Local Shelter

Animal shelters are often the last stop for domesticated pets before they experience their worst-case scenario. 

Although no-kill shelters are expanding, some areas don’t have access to this kind of resource. 

Millions of pets go into shelters each year, and many of them don’t find a home. You can avoid supporting puppy mills by adopting from a local facility while finding almost any breed you prefer.

Here are some of the additional benefits to consider when you are ready to adopt a pet. 

What Are the Advantages of Adopting Shelter Animals?

1. Rescued pets are eager to follow your lead. 

Although domesticated pets from breeders are better at following human directions for obedience training, shelter animals have a more robust social drive and want to interact with humans more. This outcome can help you forge a stronger bond while allowing both of you to achieve specific goals.

2. Many shelter pets are often trained and housebroken. 

When you work with your local animal shelter to adopt a pet, you can often avoid the hassle of housebreaking and introductory obedience. Depending on your local facility’s policies and procedures, this advantage might extend to spaying and neutering services. Instead of paying for everything upfront with a profit margin included, you can have some more time with your new companion.

3. You’re helping to keep the pet population down.

Millions of cats and dogs are considered stray animals in the United States, with millions more adding to that population globally. When you adopt a pet from your local shelter, you’re reducing the unwanted animal population in your community.

4. You can skip the youthful stage with your pet. 

Puppies and kittens can be quite adorable. They can also be remarkably destructive! When you have a pet full of energy, they require lots of attention, training, time, and patience. If you have a busy schedule, those outcomes may not be available. If you adopt an older animal from your local shelter, the transition for both of you can be a lot easier. You will have a better idea of their temperament, which means the experience becomes more predictable.

5. Adopting a shelter animal can improve your health.

When you adopt a pet from your local shelter, your scores for stress and anxiety can reduce dramatically. Companion animals often increase vitality, encourage emotional stability, and offer social functioning. The benefits can even extend to acute or chronic physical symptoms, such as pain, high blood pressure, or insomnia.

6. Your kids will play more. 

We often talk about the health benefits that adults receive when adopting a shelter pet, but those outcomes also extend to children. Companions animals encourage kids to play outside more, interact socially with their new family member, and take walks when you’ve brought home dogs and some cats. 

Although some shelter animals have behavior issues to consider, most domesticated pets are merely looking for a forever home. When you take the time to examine your choices and bring some patience to the perspective, you can find the perfect addition to your family faster than you might realize.

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