Best Accessories for Guinea Pigs and Rabbits

Best Accessories for Guinea Pigs and Rabbits

It can be lots of fun to have guinea pigs and rabbits at home. You can also inadvertently cause them mental harm by leaving them alone with nothing to do.

When your pet starts chewing at their enclosure, hiding more often, or behaving in strange ways, it’s time to get them the best accessories that promote wellness. These items provide practical benefits that reduce their nails and promote dental health while also offering stimulating activities.

Here are some of the best items that you can grab right now.

What Are the Best Accessories for Guinea Pigs and Rabbits?

1. Exploration Balls

The best products in this category are made with a natural weave, often Timothy hay, that lets your pet pop in and out whenever they want. For guinea pigs, you get the added benefit of an enclosure where they can feel safe.

2. Dental Sticks

These products come in different colors and flavors to create chewing moments that prevent boredom while promoting healthy behaviors. More extensive options are available for rabbits in this category that include stimulation puzzles and interactive activities.

3. Willow Ball

This item provides a natural chewing toy that your guinea pigs and rabbits can nudge around their enclosure or play area. It’s the perfect way to alleviate boredom while encouraging cleaner teeth! When shopping for this item online, please remember to purchase items made with only animal-safe materials.

4. Hanging Water Bottle

If you select this accessory, you’ll want to get one that doesn’t leak to ensure your pet stays safe and healthy. The ball bearing mechanism should be made of animal-safe materials, while the container provides enough fluids to get through an entire day. Don’t forget to grab a brush for cleaning it out periodically!

5. Hay Roller

This item is a spinning food dispenser that works for salad, hay, straw, and other natural grazing materials. You can hang it on your enclosure walls, keep it on the floor, or remove it from the included stand to create the environment you want. Since the product keeps the ingredients off the cage floor, it’ll stay fresh for a longer time.

6. Tunnels

Most small mammals love the idea of running through a tunnel. The product should be safe and expandable so that it can meet your specific needs. If it is made from plastic, you’ll want to verify it is the non-toxic type. Not only does this accessory offer a place to run through and explore, but it is also a spot where they’ll feel safe. 

7. Bathhouse

Some guinea pigs and rabbits like to play in the water. If you have one that does, a small bathhouse can be the perfect accessory. You’ll want a model that connects to your enclosure floor or walls to prevent splashes and messes.

When guinea pigs and rabbits get bored, they might start chewing on inappropriate items. Some animals stop showing interest in the world around them. By offering these accessories, you can enhance the social time you spend with them.

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