Comfortable Pet Beds: A Self-Warming Mat Keeps Pets Happy

Comfortable Pet Beds: A Self-Warming Mat Keeps Pets Happy

Pets love to find a warm place to take a nap. They might burrow into a blanket, find a spot in your closet, or snuggle close to you while watching television.

Another option to consider is a self-warming mat. When your pet sits on this product, it radiates their natural body heat back toward them to create the comfortable sensations they want. Although it works better indoors, even your outdoor pets can benefit from this technology.

As long as you keep the self-warming mats or pet pads out of the rain and wind, it will help them stay comfortable on a chilly evening. 

How Do Self-Warming Pads Work?

When you buy a self-warming mat or pad, the product’s top surface layer is typically a soft microfleece. The best designs included a non-slip coating on the bottom to prevent the item from bunching.

If you were to pull the upper and lower layers apart, you’d find a metalized plastic sheet between them. It’s the same material that you’d use when unpacking a space blanket or emergency covering. 

Although you’ll find them in numerous shapes and sizes to accommodate different pets, the technology and construction are relatively the same. You can use these mats to line crates, provide a mattress topper, or use it as a bed by itself.

Larger animals tend to benefit from this technology more than smaller ones. The crinkling sounds that come from the plastic insert are also bothersome to some cats. You might try testing your pet companion by placing shopping bags underneath their current bed to see if it startles them.

If it doesn’t, you might find this investment to be worthwhile.

How to Care for a Self-Warming Pad

Some self-warming pads come as a contained unit. That means you must hand-wash the item whenever it requires cleaning because the reflecting insert cannot get wet. 

If you have pets that aren’t quite housebroken yet, you’ll want to look at alternatives until those behaviors get under control.

A few designs allow you to remove the metallic plastic insert. If you unzip the pad to take it out, you can typically place the item in the washing machine on the gentle cycle. You’d need to let it air dry instead of putting it in your dryer to keep it working.

Once the outer layers are dry, you can return the insert to its rightful place so that the reflective qualities return to keep your pet comfortable.

Since this item doesn’t contain an electrical connection, you don’t need to worry about where you place it. Your self-warming mat can be on a couch, bed, chair, or floor without concerns about potential injuries occurring. 

You can find self-warming beds at all significant pet retailers, including online resources like Amazon. The price is often a reflection of the quality to expect, so anything under $30 should be reviewed carefully before finalizing your purchase.

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