5 Top Enclosures for Small Mammals

5 Top Enclosures for Small Mammals

If your preferred pet is small, furry, and likely to eat cheese, you’ll want a safe enclosure for them to use.

The problem with a basic enclosure is that it offers a rectangle floor and nothing else. Even if you add some toys into the mix, there aren’t any exploring options for them to enjoy. 

It would help if you also found a safe enclosure to keep your small mammal away from other pets with a prey drive. 

Here are some of the best options that you can find available today to solve all of those potential needs.

List of the Top Enclosures for Rats, Mice, and Small Mammals

1. Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation

This enclosure offers enough space for large mammals while provided protected areas for little ones. You won’t need to worry about them escaping with its secure design, while the multi-level construction ensures there’s enough room for play and movement. An integrated shelf sits underneath to store your supplies, and the whole thing sits on casters so that you can move it to different rooms. 

2. Mcage 3 Multi-Level Small Animal Cage

If you need an affordable setup with lots of space, this enclosure delivers an impressive result. It comes with a slide-out tray on the bottom that makes it easy to carry, while two front doors make it simple to snag your pets for playtime. There’s enough space to use attachable food and water dishes to limit your mess for rabbits or other small mammals.

3. Prevue Hendryx Four-Level Enclosure

When you have ferrets at home, more than one rabbit, or several rats to keep in the same enclosure, this option provides a sturdy and secure result. The outer protective walls are made with 7/8-inch wire bar spacing and lots of capacity to ensure everyone stays comfortable. You receive two primary floors with this design and two adjustable ones to customize your setup. Some plastic components are included, including the removable tray, so try to avoid excessive heat with this item. 

4. Little Friends Cage

When you have one small pet to keep safe at home, this enclosure should do the trick. You’ll receive one floor and two adjustable platforms to create the perfect living space. Two ladders come in the box to create climbing opportunities for your pet. The interior components are made from softwood so that they are easy on the feet.

5. PawHut 32-Inch Animal Enclosure

If you need an enclosure that can serve as a catio, bunny home, or a place to keep multiple rodents, the versatility this design offers is something you’ll love. Anti-slip components are included with the structure to ensure your pets won’t hurt themselves while climbing or exploring. You can create four levels to explore, move it from inside to outside quickly, and easily manage your feeding chores with the dual doors.

Having a safe home for your pets is the first step toward a successful relationship. Choose from one of these options today to create the perfect residence!

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