How to Manage Your Daily Work Routine at Home with a Pet

How to Manage Your Daily Work Routine at Home with a Pet

Let me tell you about this little fur-worker called Levi. He’s your typical domesticated American shorthair cat who is about nine months old at the time of this writing.

When the alarm rings at 5:30 AM, he’s right there at the bedroom door in Sphinx pose. You already know what he expects – breakfast.

Once you get through the morning routine with him sitting in the sink, it’s time to get some work done at home before everything else gets started. Levi likes to press keyboard buttons, chase the mouse cursor, and sit behind the computer monitor.

When that isn’t happening, he’s running around to each window to see what is happening outside.

Do you have a similar productivity stealer at home? These tips can help you get through your schedule more efficiently without neglected your fur-worker’s needs. 

How to Manage Work-From-Hoe Scenarios with Pets

1. Start the day by getting your pet some exercise.

Exercise helps a pet calm down when they have pent-up energy. If you have a dog at home, try to give them a nice walk around your neighborhood. When an overeager cat is your productivity problem, play with them using a favorite toy. These options provide mental and emotional health benefits while reducing attention-seeking behaviors.

2. Provide your pet with some room for independence.

It helps to create a clear divide between your space and where your pet should be when you need to work from home. Although a crate isn’t the ideal option for lengthy spells, it might be useful to calm an overeager animal. When you set boundaries, the routine will become familiar in a few days. Let them have their favorite toys, plenty of water, and a space for a nice, long nap.

3. Create time in your schedule to play.

You don’t need to be in separate rooms all of the time when working from home with your pet. It helps to get away from your computer or desk for a few minutes each hour to recharge your batteries and stretch. That’s the perfect time to give your pet some love!

If you can schedule a 20-minute break around lunch, that option is sometimes better. Some pets start to expect that you’ll stop everything to play with them, and that can set up conflicts if your work schedule changes.

4. Keep your pets active. 

Although it is fun to see pets on camera occasionally, it’s usually more of a distraction. When you know a meeting must happen, give your dog or cat something to keep them busy. One of the best options in your toolbox here is a frozen treat. Some people might want to say hello to your pet anyway, so try to save the meet-and-greet moments for the end of the conversation.

If you have a Levi helper of your own at home, it can be a challenging experience to get your work finished for the day. When you adopt these strategies, you’ll find it can be a lot easier to stay productive. 

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