Top Food Dishes for Cats and Dogs to Use

Top Food Dishes for Cats and Dogs to Use

When you start looking for the top food dishes for cats and dogs to use, you’ll discover that they come in several different shapes and sizes. You’ll see plenty of posts and pages online that extol the virtues of a particular design, but that issue should be your first concern.

Most people select plastic bowls for their pet’s food and water because it’s a cheap option with some customization available to use. Although that material might work at first, it’s not usually the right choice.

Plastic develops scratches with ongoing use to become the home of bacteria that won’t disappear after it gets cleaned. This issue can cause allergic reactions, acne, and worse if it involves chemical exposure.

What Is the Best Material for Food and Water Dishes?

If you want the safest material for your pet bowl possible, your only choice is stainless steel.

This option comes with several benefits.

  • It is a dishwasher-safe material that lets you disinfect the bowls whenever it is necessary to create a clean eating environment.
  • The metal can dent or ding, but it isn’t going to crack or break like the cheap plastic containers you can find online.
  • It provides a durable experience that handles indoor or outdoor environments.

When you shop for the best food dishes for cats and dogs, look for a stainless steel product with a non-skid natural product (rubber) at the bottom. You’ll experience less mess with that design without interrupting how your pet prefers to eat.

It also helps to select an elevated feeder for most animals. The design makes it easier for them to eat, improve digestion, and maintain a natural body posture. Most pet parents find that less mess occurs when using this setup, especially if multiple animals compete for an eating position. 

Other Materials to Select for Food and Water Dishes

If you don’t like or want stainless steel at home for your pets (it can get noisy!), some additional alternatives to the cheap plastic designs are worth trying.

Stoneware, ceramic, and glass are worth reviewing – and in that order. These sturdy containers provide a nonporous surface that won’t trap bacteria that could make your pets sick.

The one disadvantage you’ll find with these options compared to stainless steel is the tendency for them to chip. Glass can also shatter under the right conditions. You can select from several different designs and colors, but you’ll want to review the glaze quality on each product before buying. It should not contain any lead to protect your pet’s safety.

If you decide to use glass bowls outside, please be careful when placing the items around combustible objects. Water with glass can focus the sun’s rays to the point where it can ignite the surface.

When you get a food dish that your pet loves, you’ll create comfort levels for them that translate to easy maintenance for you. Although plastic can work in a pinch, these long-term investments get all of the little things right.

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