FDA Recalls Dog Food Over Aflatoxin Concerns

FDA Recalls Dog Food Over Aflatoxin Concerns

With everything that has happened in 2020, it only seems right that dog owners find themselves facing a final difficult task. After at least 28 dogs experienced a fatal reaction to the food they ate and another eight animals got sick, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) initiated a recall.

The food products consumed by the dogs affected had high aflatoxin levels.

Aflatoxin comes from a mold called Aspergillus flavus. It often grows on grains, especially corn, that gets turned into pet food. Although it isn’t dangerous with low-level exposures, it can be deadly when it is at high levels.

The affected brand of this recall is Sportmix.

Nine Recall Lots Were Part of This Announcement

If your dog eats Sportmix dog food regularly, you need to check the nine lots subject to the aflatoxin recall.

The FDA has a complete list of the dry pet food products included in the recall at their website. This warning went into effect on December 30, 2020. 

Sportmix dog food products are part of the brand family of Midwest Pet Food, Inc. The Missouri Department of Agriculture is working with the FDA to identify if other potential products are also affected by this contamination. As more information becomes available, you’ll want to reference the FDA’s website to see if the recall list expands.

It’s not just dogs affected by this problem. The recall also includes the Sportmix Original Cat 15-pound bag from two different lots. 

Retailers are currently pulling these products from store shelves. You’ll want to keep the lot numbers in mind one shopping to avoid any missed bags of the affected food products. 

What Do Pet Owners Need to Do?

If you suspect your pet consumed high levels of aflatoxin through your Sportmix products, contact your veterinarian immediately.

This toxin can adversely impact the animal’s liver even if there aren’t any physical symptoms displayed. Your vet may want a complete dietary history over the past 6-12 months to ensure other co-existing issues don’t require treatment. 

If possible, provide your veterinarian with a picture of the pet food label that includes the lot number so that an appropriate treatment plan can get developed. 

Should you have any of the recalled products still at home, please do not feed them to your pets or another animal. You can contact the company for further instructions, throw the product away, and seek a refund through the provided process. It also helps to sanitize your storage containers, scoops, and food bowls with bleach to ensure that auxin no longer remains. 

There is no evidence to suggest that humans could develop aflatoxin poisoning by handling the dog food recalled by the FDA. It would be best if you still wash your hands after handling anything that could contain contamination.

If you suspect that your pet became sick because of this problem, you can electronically report the issue by contacting the FDA’s consumer complaint coordinators. The Safety Reporting Portal provided by the FDA is another resource to use. 

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