What Are the Best Dog Vitamins and Supplements?

What Are the Best Dog Vitamins and Supplements?

You want to give your dog a healthy life. One of the best ways to accomplish that goal is to feed your pet a premium food product while offering daily exercise and playtimes.

Although you will see a dog wagging its tail most of the time, these animals are also excellent deceivers. If they are not feeling well, they know how to hide it!

Even the best dog food doesn’t always get the right balance of vitamins and supplements for your pet. You will want to speak with your veterinarian about adding these items two their daily routine so that they can get what their bodies need.

List of the Best Vitamins and Supplements for Dogs

1. Vitamin A

Dogs receive the same benefits as humans when they get enough of this nutrient. It is responsible for immune function, overall growth, and cell health. Your pet will have its vision supported by the supplement. It is a fat-soluble option, so you will want to consult with your vet about dosing

2. Vitamin B Series

Many of the vitamin B series nutrients are essential for a dog’s health. 

  • Thiamine regulates energy and carbohydrate metabolism.
  • Vitamin B6 encourages glucose generation, nervous system functionality, immune responses, and hormone regulation. 
  • Folic acid promotes protein synthesis and amino acid metabolism. 
  • Pantothenic acid assists with your dog’s energy metabolism.
  • Riboflavin, niacin, and vitamin B12 facilitate enzyme functionality.

3. Vitamin C

This nutrient is an essential antioxidant that reduces harmful free radicals within a dog’s body. When provided as a supplement, it may help prevent cognitive aging while reducing internal inflammation. Although your pet can synthesize this vitamin within its liver, having additional support is sometimes helpful when specific health issues are present.

4. Vitamin D

We like to call this nutrient the sunshine vitamin because the dog’s body generates it naturally when you are outside together. If you get enough of it, minerals like calcium and phosphorus find their homeostasis levels to ensure healthy bone growth happens for your pet. Since they have protective fur over their skin, it can take a significant exposure level to naturally reach the right amounts. That’s why your vet might recommend a supplement.

5. Vitamin K

This fat-soluble vitamin works to activate the blood’s ability to clot for your dog. That’s why eating particular mouse or rat poison products is such a devastating event for your pet. Those products inhibit their physical ability to use this nutrient, which eventually leads to hemorrhaging events if it is left untreated.

6. Choline

This supplement provides the components needed for cell membrane support. When your dog gets enough of it daily, it helps to support their liver and brain function. Some vets will prescribe this item to treat epilepsy. 

Although dogs need vitamins and supplements for a healthy life, you can give them too much of a good thing. Before offering any fat-soluble vitamins, it is often necessary to have blood testing performed to avoid toxic events. 

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