Best Ways to Entertain Your Pets at Home

Best Ways to Entertain Your Pets at Home

If you have a pet that keeps getting into trouble, there is an excellent chance that they are not mentally entertained. 

Bored pets can get into as much trouble as children when they feel like nothing is available to do at home. 

That’s why having these options to help entertain your pets at home can be helpful. When you wear some of their energy out, the old have more sanity to enjoy.

What Are the Best Ways to Entertain Pets at Home?

1. Give them lots of exercise.

Most pets want to be active during the day. If you spend about 30 minutes playing with them, even if you stay indoors, you’ll notice behavioral changes happening within a couple of weeks. If you have a dog, you’ll want to include a couple of walks outside as part of your daily routine. 

2. Mix up the mealtimes. 

Cats would make excellent accountants because they always know when their food dish is empty. Dogs get into a routine where they expect their meals to occur at specific times. When you switch things up at home to become more unpredictable, you’ll create more mental stimulation for the animals. 

3. Use food puzzles. 

All animals should have toys or ways to entertain themselves when you are not home to help. Puzzles that reward food for a successful completion can be a fun way to keep them mentally engaged instead of becoming destructive. Several options are available for cats, dogs, rabbits, and most other common pets.

4. Rotate the toys that you use at home. 

Instead of offering dozens of toys to your pet that they can use whenever they want, provide one or two favorite options that you can rotate monthly. The changes will help your pets explore different ways to play without causing them to fall into a daily routine. The best options will engage the senses in multiple ways, ranging from catnip to squeakers. 

5. Provide stimulating snacks and toys that occupy their time. 

Bones for dogs can provide an excellent entertainment resource when the product can stand up to the chewing process. Cats can have a lot of fun when a mouse toy can move on its own instead of forcing your pet to engage in imaginative play. If these items are offered in the morning, you might get several hours of playing opportunities with them before it is time to try something new. 

6. Use the natural instincts of your pets to engage the senses. 

If the weather outside is frightful, use your indoor resources to create environmental stimuli for your pets. Several videos and streaming shows offer realistic images that might attract some animals. You could play birds at a bird feeder, fish in the ocean, or rabbits running across a field to maintain some entertainment.

A happy pet is one that is entertained and gets regular playtime with you. These options can help you to make that outcome happen reliably. 

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