5 Best Cat Towers You Can Buy Online

5 Best Cat Towers You Can Buy Online

Cats love to climb. If you have a tree or tower at home for this purpose, you might avoid having them try to claw their way up to your clothing in the closet. 

The cat tower size you decide to purchase should depend on how much space you have at home. Some kitties are content with a simple two-story cave that lets them have a quiet spot. Others prefer to have a massive structure where they can tower over everyone. 

If you’re ready to bring some sanity back to your life, these are the best cat towers you can buy online right now.

List of the Best Cat Towers to Purchase

1. Feandrea Cat Tree

This cat tree provides four levels of exploration opportunities for your cat. Each one is offset a little to make it easier to jump onto them, even if you have an older kitty who wants to try out the new toy. It comes with a hammock, an enclosed cave, and a padded perch for many pouncing games. You’ll also get the sisal-covered posts that encourage some scratching.

2. Go Pet Club Cat Tree

If you have more than one cat, this tower is an excellent investment to consider. It delivers multiple scratching posts, several perches, a hammock, and two places for enclosed protection. It only takes about 15 minutes to construct the item once it arrives, and everything is upholstered so that the scratching on your carpet could stop. It even has a tube near the top for your pet to enjoy.

3. Vesper V-High Base

When you look at most cat trees, they all kind of follow the same formula. You get multiple platforms, a couple of baskets, and a few toys to enjoy. If you want something with more style, this tower is the one to get. It looks more like a new furniture addition than an oversized toy, delivering three platform levels and a cave with plenty of scratching areas. You’ll find it to be a discreet design that looks sleek and sophisticated along almost any wall.

4. Armarkat Cat Tree and Condo

If you look at the online reviews for most cat trees and towers, you’ll find pictures of people putting their hands across a pedestal to show how small the product is once assembled. You won’t have that problem with this product, built to support the bigger, heavier kitties out there who also deserve to have some fun. It comes with eight different exploration levels, two caves, and plenty of room for climbing.

5. Frisco Faux Fur Cat Tree and Condo

This cat tower works well for smaller homes. It offers two platforms, a ground-level cave, and a batting toy to enjoy. You don’t need to assemble it, which is a bonus, and the plush material invites your kitty to come claw at it right away. 

You’ll notice that many cat towers have batting toys for your pet to play with throughout the day. Don’t expect these items to last long since they are made with the same carpeted material as the tower itself.

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